Auto Maintenance Tips

It’s no surprise that performing regular vehicle maintenance will go a long way to prevent expensive auto repairs later. What you may not think about is that keeping your vehicle in peak condition will not only save your wallet from the impact of expensive auto repairs but it will also save you trips to the gas station. Creating a regular maintenance schedule with the help of your owner’s manual and/or local trusted technician will help you budget and save money. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

Regular Oil Changes:

Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Check with your owner’s manual for the specific requirements for your vehicle.

Check Oil Level:

Take a few minutes to check your oil level once a month and confirm that it is between the max and min fill lines. If it’s dirty get your vehicle in for an oil change. Even if it’s between your regularly scheduled oil changes, your driving habits can influence how quickly your oil deteriorates.

Check Your Tire Pressure:

Every two weeks take a moment to quickly check your tire pressure. You can find the correct pressure in your owner’s manual. Allowing your tires to become under inflated causes poor tread life and excessive heat. The excessive heat caused by the increased drag created by an under-inflated tire will actually expand a tire so it’s important to measure the tire pressure when the tire is cool in order to get an accurate reading.

Replace Old Tires:

Over time heat and oxygen break down a tires bond between the layers of its structure. This is called thermo-oxidative degradation. To find the age of your tires look at the D.O.T. code of each tire. The last 4 digits of the code represent the week and year that they were made. For example, a tire with the code 1008 would be manufactured in the tenth week of 2008. You should replace your tires every 4-5 years regardless of mileage for your safety.

Air Filter:

Depending on your specific air filter it will likely need replacement between 15 and 30 thousand miles.

Other regular maintenance services to discuss with your Traverse City auto repair technician are:

• Brake System Flush

• Coolant/Antifreeze Flush

• Differential/Gear Box/Transfer Case Service

• Transmission Fluid Service

Each vehicle has different service requirements, see your owner’s manual for details and find an ASE Certified Technician who will follow the recommended schedule for your vehicle.

To speak with one of our ASE Certified Technicians about your vehicle today call 231-933-1113 (231-883-8777 for Sunday emergencies).

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