Create an Emergency Auto Repair Kit

Whether you are driving downstate or on a cross country road trip it’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car. What would happen if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Hopefully you would have cell phone coverage or another means of getting help but even then it’s likely you will have to wait a while. Especially in the cold Traverse City winter months, you don’t want to get stranded for even an hour or two without some essentials on hand.

Car repair kits are usually made up of a number of components used for minor repairs. These may include spare tires, extra lugs, fuses, extra battery, compressors, jacks, jumper cables and tire plugs. To help get you out of a snow drift you may want to bring a folding shovel. If you have to make repairs on your own then you will need a flashlight, clean rags, and even a hand cleaner so that you can clean up after the repairs. If there’s no way you would change your own tire or you need additional assistance that’s ok. The other important thing to have with you is the number to a trusted Traverse City auto repair garage like TC Public Service Garage and a Traverse City towing service.

When you head out in Northern Michigan make sure that your cell phone is fully charged or bring your car charger so that you can call for help as soon as possible. You should also carry a standard first aid kit in your vehicle at all times. This may include burn creams, bandages, gauze and basic medication. Other items to store in the back of your vehicle are bottled water, power bars and other snacks. Most importantly make sure that you have a heavy blanket, boots, hat, gloves and coat as well as road flares and a handkerchief for your antenna or sign for the window that says call for help. If you do get stuck out in the elements your primary concern will be to stay warm and being seen so you don’t get hit by other vehicles.

Remember that emergencies happen when you least expect them so it is better to be safe than sorry. It’s easy to pack an emergency auto repair kit and if you end up needing it you will be glad you did.

When faced with an auto emergency, stay calm and locate roadside assistance. Towing companies generally take vehicles wherever they want, so make sure to let them know you want your vehicle taken to TC Public Service Garage in Traverse City.

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