How Regular Oil Changes Save You Money

Due to the current economy, many people in Traverse City and all of Northern Michigan are looking for ways to save money. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut certain expenses out of your budget, but getting regular oil changes in your vehicle is something you should never skimp on. By keeping a good maintenance schedule, you’ll avoid paying for costly repairs down the road. As a rule of thumb, oil should be changed about every 3,000 miles. It’s good to check your owner’s manual to be sure, since that number can vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Oil is the lifeblood of any engine, and your vehicle would not run without it. Oil prevents engine wear by providing lubrication to reduce friction between the moving parts in your motor. Without timely oil changes, these parts will weaken and eventually fail.

Motor oil contains cleaning agents that help to remove dirt and debris from your engine, which is then trapped and contained by your oil filter. Over time, oil gets dirty, the filter becomes less effective, and engine wear occurs. Oil also loses its effectiveness in other ways after a few thousand miles. Additives in the oil begin to dissipate, leaving your engine more vulnerable to damage from corrosion, friction, and heat. This can happen more quickly in older or high mileage vehicles so take extra care with these.

In addition to all of the damage and deterioration it causes to your engine, dirty oil decreases gas mileage. You could end up paying a lot more at the pump because you put off getting your oil changed. TC Public Service Garage makes this vital maintenance affordable for our Northern Michigan customers, offering an oil change for only $21.99. ($62.00 for synthetic oil changes) This includes up to five quarts of oil, but that’s not all. When we say that we’ll give you full service, we mean it.

The experienced certified auto technicians at Traverse City’s TC Public Service Garage won’t just change your oil and oil filter. We will check, critical front-end safety functions, such as: tie-rods, sway-bars, bearings and ball joints at the same time, for no additional charge. This equipment can only be inspected properly when the vehicle is off the ground. Of course, we will also top off other important fluids if necessary. Including antifreeze/coolant, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid. Additionally, we will check your wiper blades, serpentine belts, exterior lights, air filter, and tire pressure and refill them if needed. The entire process is done with great care, and you can always count on your mechanic to be thorough, honest, and friendly. To top it off, we’ll come to you. Tell us your location in Traverse City and we will pick your vehicle up, bring it to the garage for one our signature oil changes, and drop it back off to you.

Beyond the great price, that alone establishes Traverse City’s TC Public Service Garage as a ‘cut above’ the Traverse City drive-in quick oil change locations. We provide a more complete inspection of your vehicle, pick up your vehicle in Traverse City for you, and all the work is done by certified auto technicians. Call us today and give us the opportunity to earn your business you won't be disappointed.

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