How to Buy Best Tires for Your Vehicle

Buying a new set of tires is an investment that you hope will pay off for years to come by providing a safe, quiet ride and living up to your performance expectations. But there are a lot of options and you’ll need more than just the manufacturers recommendations to determine which tire is best for you. A few things to consider beforehand are:

– Do you plan on using these tires all year long or are you going to switch to a snow tire during the winter months? Snow tires are extremely effective at getting you down those slick Traverse City roads but if you want to get by with only one set year round then you will want to purchase a set that have a snow rating.

– How do you drive your car? Are you most concerned with having high performance, or high mileage and efficiency?

Look at the information printed on the tire’s sidewall it will tell you if the tire is rated for a passenger vehicle or truck, the width of the tread, and the aspect ratio height/width of the tire. Your owner’s manual will require that you meet certain specifications for these items, but there are other options that you can choose for yourself. For example the load, speed, mud and snow tire ratings are all options that you should consider. When comparing prices inexpensive tires are safe but they may not give you the performance you are looking for or last as long.

Check the year printed on the sidewall if you are purchasing a new tire it should not be more than a few years old. The compounds in your tire will break down over time even if they are not driven. Most experts believe that tires should not be driven on if they are more than six years old. Be careful some tires that are sold as new actually have been sitting on the shelf for years. Finally make sure to register your tire with the manufacturer so that you will be notified if there is any problem or recalls with your tire.

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