Maximize Fuel Mileage and Tire Performance with Optimum Tire Pressure

If you want to maximize your fuel mileage, one of the easiest things you can do is keep your tires at optimum tire pressure. But there are more benefits to maintaining the proper tire pressure than just improved mileage. You can also expect better performance, including traction and handling as well as less heat buildup.

If your tire is under-inflated it will become even flatter once you’re on the road and worst case will lead to tire failure. If you’re lucky then you’ll only suffer from 25% less tread life, which means higher maintenance costs, and in the meantime, you will experience poor handling. On the other hand, if you drive on over-inflated tires you can experience improve responsiveness up to a point, but you will also have a rougher ride and be more likely to damage your tire if you encounter potholes or debris. It may also require a greater distance to stop your vehicle.

Since you may not always be able to tell at a glance if your tires are inflated properly it’s a good idea to make a point to check them using an air pressure gauge. You can pick up an inexpensive air pressure gauge at an auto parts store for less than $15 and keep it in your glove compartment. Check your owner’s manual to determine the correct tire pressure for each tire (the front and rear tires may have different requirements). Your tires will also show the maximum psi allowable on the side, be sure not to exceed this amount. Then make a point of checking your tire pressure at least every other week. Check the pressure when the tires are cool, heat causes the air to expand creating temporarily a higher psi. If you can check your tires without having to drive more than a mile you will have a more accurate reading.

If you have questions about your tire pressure stop in and see us, one of the technicians at TC Public Service Garage would be happy to help.

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