Signs your engine may be in need of repair

Providing accurate engine diagnosis and repair is essential to running a successful auto repair shop. The TC Public Service Garage technicians are experienced in all facets of engine repair and rebuilds.

Here are just a few signs your engine may be in need of repair:

Check Engine Light – Perhaps the most obvious indication that you may have a problem is that dreaded “check engine light” glaring at you. The worst thing you can do is ignore it. Even though the problem may be minor now, if you wait it will inevitably become worse and since you don’t know what triggered the light it’s better to error on the side of caution.

Unusual Noises – Have you found yourself turning the radio down to see where that strange sound is coming from? If so it’s time to bring your vehicle in for an engine inspection.

Smoke – There are lots of reasons that your vehicle may be smoking and none of them are good. Take note of the color of the smoke and make sure to tell your ASE Certified Technician.
  • Black Smoke  The mechanisms that control the air/fuel mixture on your vehicle are probably not operating properly and as a result your engine is running rich.
  • White Smoke  Lots of white smoke from your tailpipe may be a sign of a blown head gasket or cylinder head.
  • Blue Smoke  When you see blue smoke there’s always engine oil involved. You likely have a leak and will want a technician to determine where it’s coming from and what repairs are necessary.
Leaking Fluids – That puddle under your automobile could be oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid or power steering fluid among other things. Operating your vehicle with insufficient levels of these fluids could cause serious damage, have your car or truck inspected right away.

Jerking, Stalling and Uncontrollable Acceleration or Deceleration – Feel like lately your vehicle seems to have a mind of its own? Not being able to control the speed of your vehicle (or keep it running) is a potentially hazardous situation that should be investigated immediately. Call TC Public Service Garage right away.

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